Our story and philosophy

Hi folks,

We’re usheru and we’re here to give you the big picture. Literally. We are a website and app that makes it easy-peasy for you to discover and book cinema tickets in your city. We’re talking lemon-squeezy here - you can book your flicks in 3 clicks! But before we get all Dr. Seuss on ya, hows about we give you a broader idea about what we’re really all about.

Not to get all serious on ya, but we. at usheru see ourselves as a conduit between the providers of content in the industry (the filmmakers) and the consumers of it (you). Our big goal is to bring understanding to what audiences want and need. For a long time, the industry has taken a panacea approach to getting audiences by investing primarily in mass marketing to attract people to the box office. We see our role as the advocate for the audience, bringing their insights to the industry so that it’s more targeted to them and their film tastes - basically so it’s much more about you than anything else!

So we don’t only have a website and app, we also power direct ticketing for film distributors like Universal Pictures for their big film titles coming soon. We build them a platform that is connecting to all the cinemas showing that film. You can buy your cinema tickets on that website in a really quick and simple way and then just turn up at the participating cinemas with your eticket. Look out for the ’Powered by usheru’ symbol. We also do all kinds of cool analytical, new-age, data stuff for those film distributors too. It’s all a bit cool really! You can read more about it here

We use that very same technology to help other partners, like cinemas and film festivals get their online ticketing up and running quickly. It’s really simple and quick

Now back to the grindstone for us, we’ve got a lot to do! Reach out to us at any time with questions, comments or if you have a cool movie quote you would like to add to our collection! We love to hear from you.

Our Team

Catherine Downes

Catherine spent 7 years at Google building partnerships and scalable operations for publishers and app developers. At usheru, she aims to enhance the film ecosystem through analytics and clever strategies. At usheru, she leads operations and marketing, with a large dash of data thrown in. She mainly digs travel ‘n adventure films and documentaries.

Ollie Fegan

Ollie’s first start-up Tempster helped restaurants fill empty tables when cancellations occurred. It was ranked in Europe’s Top 12. As a youngster, he made films with his brother Alex and is inspired by his filmmaker-brother’s career. Ollie leads the commercial and business development side of usheru, and is tireless in his pursuit of new (and big) opportunities and strategies.

Andres Macias

Andres leads tech. He is one of those guys who, when you say you have a silly idea, he just says “let’s build it and see”. What’s more, he builds products that never go down, and are intuitive and awesome. Having garnered 10 years experience at a big player during the advent of online e-travel, Andres really knows how to figure out new technology paths. His start-up dream continues, having previously revolutionised simultaneous-search with Simulty.

Awards and Recognitions